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“Sample Heaven” by Mere Notilde Vinyl Release Update

We have confirmation that the order will be pressed and shipped to our fulfillment provider at the end of September. The order for this album was placed with the manufacturer in May of last year – yes, it’s been sixteen months. However, it’s in the final stages of production and will be available to purchase very soon.

For this release, orders will be processed and shipped by 8Merch. Until now, I have assembled and shipped all Coraspect orders myself. About a year ago, however, I started to develop arthritis in my shoulders and I don’t think that I’m up to the task of packing and shipping hundreds of vinyl orders like I’m used to. However, I chose 8Merch after an extensive search for a fulfillment provider who puts as much care into packing and shipping as I do. The “Sample Heaven” release will be our trial run with 8Merch, and if successful, we will be doing much more with them in the future.

Available and in-stock for ordering in early October.


Airplay Alert! Prom Night Update! Mere Update!

Radio Alert!

“Prom Night” has had quite the release! With just a few cassettes and minidiscs still available for sale at the time of this writing, the reception has been overwhelming, and the reviews have all been extremely positive! Ryan himself attended the album’s impromptu online listening party and was overwhelmed by it. Additionally, tracks from the album have been played on both KOSU-FM (The Spy) in Oklahoma City, and in Bristol, UK on SWU.FM.

If you’re a DJ or Program Director and want to acquire our music for airplay, please do avail yourself of free downloads from the Bandcamp site – and let us know about your station and the show!

Prom Night Delivery Update!


The “Prom Night” cassettes have arrived from the manufacturer; however, the minidiscs will be delayed due to a misprint on the original order. All cassette-only orders have been processed. Orders of both cassette and minidisc will be shipped as soon as the replacement minidiscs arrive.

The Artist Edition box-sets will still be about another 10-14 days from the time of this writing. All of the bonus items have arrived, and they look great!

Prom Night on Vinyl?

Short version: YES. Details coming soon.

“Sample Heaven” Update!

More good news! We had been told to expect the test pressings for Mere’s “Sample” heaven sometime in July, after being told early 2nd fiscal quarter (so, around April). We were just advised that the test pressings will be shipping early next week by express courier! This is exceptional news, although I don’t know if it changes the production date. I will provide an update as soon as I know.