Mere, Prom Night & Oversharing

Happy 2022, everyone. To everyone who has braved these last two bastard years, I raise my generic diet pop to you. We made it.

A can of cola is held in an open-palmed hand, the can is resting sideways in the hand. The can is fire-engine red, with dark red and yellow swirls. The can is labeled Future Cola, with the slogan, “Future Will Be Better.”

2021: The Most Horrible of the Horrible Bastard Years

I know last year was particularly hard on everyone. It was also the reason why Coraspect flew under the radar for much of the last of 2021. Straight talk, I was completely burned out about everything. I had hit rock bottom without alcohol or drugs. It’s been a struggle to keep hoping for tomorrow. I’m on meds, but it’s easy to let it slip your mind, and when the anxiety and depression finally smack you in the head after you’d missed a few too many times, even the act of opening the bottle and taking the pill becomes a monumental task. If this sounds like you last year, you’re not alone. But I’ve been working to get on track, and things are better. I’m also going to finally be getting my ADHD diagnosed and treated, which should help considerably. Over the course of years I taught myself to function despite and fulfill my work and home responsibilities prior to 2020. The pandemic scattered my ability and self-confidence to the winds. Every day has felt like treading water. Every night ends too early, particularly in the winter. My internal melatonin begins to fire as soon as the sun goes down, and it goes down early right now. Work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work, eat – oh, shit, label! – asleep at 6pm, etc. But I’m committing to changing that this year.

“Yikes, this seems pointlessly personal!” Maybe. But you know Coraspect as me, and me as Coraspect, so what affects one affects the other. Plus you’re all pretty much family to me. ?

Mere News

A computer mock-up image of an LP jacket for the album, “Sample Heaven” by Mere NoTilde against a blue background incorporating the artist’s logo. The cover features a CGI-generated rabbit sitting next to a small, blue portable record player. The lid on the record player is open, and the record on the turntable is half-black and half yellow. The cover itself is displayed next to a mock-up of the album itself, also half-black, half-yellow. The original release date, “Coming March/April 22” has been superimposed in with the words “idk [I don’t know] … spring, summer hopefully.”

The news is that … we’re pushed back at the plant yet again. We were supposed to get the test pressings back at the beginning of January. Word now is that those won’t be here until late-February/March. As soon as they do arrive, they will be reviewed ASAP. I will post updates here.

Once the test pressings have been reviewed and approved, pre-orders will begin shortly afterward. It is planned that every person who pre-orders within the first 48 hours will be put into a drawing. First Prize of a blue portable turntable like the one on the cover of “Sample Heaven” and a test pressing. Second prize will be a test pressing. (Prizes will be shipped when the final records arrive.)

USPS in Crisis: What’s a Label to Do?

A photograph of the interior of a United States Postal Service processing facility. Large cardboard containers, some empty, some full of parcels, occupy the foreground. In the back, automated processing equipment can be seen.

Due to increased and deliberate degradation of quality at the USPS – which is in no way caused by any post office worker or mail carrier – we will be using our new European fulfillment service, 8Merch, to process pre-orders and orders for the Mere release. This will cause the cost of shipping to the US to go up by a few dollars. However, I believe their order packing is the best in the business, and every order will arrive ‘signature required’ to eliminate porch piracy. Conversely, shipping costs to the rest of the world will go down considerably, providing a more equitable shipping cost for everyone.

For the time being, all future vinyl is planned to go through 8Merch, with cassettes and minidiscs available from both 8Merch and Bandcamp.

Prom Night: A Tribute to Saint Pepsi

A square depiction of an album cover. The bluish-purple background resembles metal polished in a circular fashion. Superimposed over the background is the logo for the legendary New York disco, Studio 54. Above the logo, the title, “Prom Night: A Tribute to Saint Pepsi appears in a lettering that resembles a neon sign.

The official deadline for submissions ended a few months ago, but so many amazing artists stepped up to ask if they could contribute, and Calmcast and I couldn’t say no. We’ve officially closed off submissions now and we’re finalizing the artwork and getting all the tracks EQd and leveled for the final release. This will be a cassette pre-order, with a possible minidisc edition.

There are so many amazing people on this compilation.

An advance listening party of the album will be announced here, and hopefully elsewhere. But definitely here.

And to all the artists who participated in this project, thank you.

Right Now I’m Listening To …

Something new from DU- …

Some Inspirational Shit

Cynical header aside, seriously, thank you all so much. I have not been at my best this year, and while a lot of that had to do with depression, I am making a resolution to get back to the promptness and quality you all have come to expect. You’re what makes this worthwhile. You, the fans; you, the artists; you the artists who are also fans and fans who are inspired to become artists – thank you. This label started as an experiment, and then became a hobby for far longer than it should have. It’s going to have to become more of a business, as much as I hate that. But it’s part of the cost of doing what I have to do to make it possible to make this thing I love my job. I want to spend all my time with this scene.

I’m still a little rough around the edges, but bear with me as I pull things together and make this a great year despite whatever happens.

We move forward, stars.

Be good to, and take care of yourself today.

A. – ♥

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