I’m Stunned, and a Bit Humbled

I’m seriously blown away, everyone.

Last night, Thursday, August 16th, the vinyl pressing of “Remember” sold out.

I really haven’t maintained updates on this site like I should, so let me take some time to say thank you to everyone who believed in this project. From everyone who bought a copy, to everyone who helped get the word out and spread the hype and showed their support. And most of all, to Krz (ev.exi) and Alex (FIBRE). They have been a complete pleasure to work with, and showed absolute professionalism and camaraderie along the way. I have already told ev I want to do his next album, and I plan to work from time to time in coördination with FIBRE’s Montaime Records – Alex truly is one of the most salt-of-the-earth players in the label game. He takes it seriously, and he’s good at what he does.

Even though all the copies are gone, Coraspect will be releasing the long-awaited cassette release of Remember, which should be next month. This will be an order of 100.

I will also be re-releasing the cassette of The NeoKobe Nightly Selecta by Hiro Tadomatsu. This version has been completely reworked, remastered, and expanded, and this version is a seamless audio experience. There will be an order of 80.

If these titles sell out, they will very likely be re-released, although in a slightly different packaging than the first run.

Oh, and the next vinyl is going to be a must-have as well. I’ll let you know what it is, soon.

But again, everyone – just, thank you for your faith in this project and your trust in me. Coraspect is going to continue for as long as I can keep it going, and I’d like to keep it going for a very long time. I do this for the artists and for the fans. (And yeah, the name on the back of the jacket is nifty, too.)

Love. Keep the faith.
Alan ♥

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